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Accident Recovery Program

I’m the Program Administrator for the Accident Recovery Program at the Taylor Automotive Group. We created this program to help people who are going through the unfortunate circumstance of being involved in an accident. As I have experienced personally, this is a highly emotionally time with many questions and many decisions to be made.

I’d like to offer my services as a free resource for you. I can negotiate with your insurance company and answer questions like,

“How much is my car worth?”
“What if they total my car?”
“If they total my car, how long will it take until I get my money?”

You may be entitled to additional monies from the State of Ohio, too.

If you have 17 minutes, I will make the time to meet with you and help you in any way I can.

Employee Discount Program

These programs are designed specifically for employees of the companies listed below. For the lowest pricing, you'll need your current employee ID. See your HR Manager for details.

We offer guaranteed financing, even if you have bruised credit. For details or to get started with our online credit application, click "Let's Talk."